About Us

Ideal Practice is located in Australia providing specialist medical & healthcare industry business coaching & marketing services in a consulting approach.

Our consultant / business coach Dr. Anthony Capiaghi is a specialist in the healthcare & medical industry, where your business / practice is provided the highest quality coaching services. Here are but just a few of the following areas of your medical practice we focus on:

      • Strategic marketing
      • Coaching of practice owner & staff
      • Gaining more patients
      • Effective internal processes & systems
      • + much, much more

There are many business coaching services in Australia, however Ideal Practice are a specialist in the healthcare & medical industry. We apply a consulting approach that has us heavily invested in the end result of success for your practice.

Finalist Logo for Australian Small Business ChampionshipIn this fast growing medical & healthcare industry, it is hard to know how to effectively spend your resources when it comes to marketing. At Ideal Practice this is one of our key specialities, that is getting your marketing strategies right.

Why would you engage a non-industry specific business coach / consultant, who may, or may not, understand the unique “niches” of our medical & healthcare industry?

In summary, Ideal Practice is focused only on the healthcare & medical industry providing business coaching & marketing services in Australia. Our consultancy approach ensures the services are personal and focused on the end result of success.