Client Testimonials

Kate Granger – Chiropractor (NSW)

Kara Lukins

I’ve been an Ideal Practice client for about a year. My practice has really grown to the point where I have moved into a bigger premises…

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Travis Sullivan – Podiatry Practice Owner (VIC)

Travis WebThe Audit revealed to me the areas off opportunity and where I was ‘dropping the ball’. Once done I became a client and now 4 months into the consulting program our results with the Podiatry practices have exceeded our expectations…

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Kara Lukins – Podiatrist (VIC)

Kara Lukins I became a client of Ideal Practice after knowing some clients of Anthony’s who had successful Podiatry practices. I learnt a fair bit just by doing the Audit…

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Keryn Shambrook – Chiropractic Assistant (VIC)

We have just started with Mark and I feel already that we have some plans in action to re boost our office…

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